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The first time I saw two hot girls engage in spit swapping, I was in high school and still a virgin. I was hanging out with a couple of cheerleaders behind the bleachers on our school football field one night. We had some beers and the girls decided to make out with each other to turn me on. They got really into it, and the saliva started to flow almost immediately.

I could see the drool flowing down their faces and it was giving me a massive boner. One girl even grabbed the other's head and spit right into her mouth! Soon, both chicks were basically covered in spit and I just had to fuck them. I lost my virginity that night with those two spit swappers and it was awesome! I've been obsessed with lesbian spit porn ever since, so I'm starting this blog to bring you guys the hottest spit videos I can find.

Spitting Lesbian Porn Video

Spitting Lesbian Porn Video
Okay, so this girl Brittany is really turning me on big time. She’s got a very hot air to her that totally makes my sausage hard. She gets together with her lesbian girlfriend in this porn video to go very nasty, with lots of spit and nasty dildo play.

The girls really go nuts, spitting in each other’s mouths and all over each other’s creamy lesbo bodies. There’s so much spitting in this video, you’re gonna need to check that your genitals haven’t melted when you’re through watching it.

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Cassandra Calogera Lesbian Porn

cassandra calogera
If you like busty lesbian sweethearts with all-natural bodies to die for, then you need to check out the amazing Cassandra Calogera. This curvy lesbo cutie has the most stunning natural looks I’ve seen on a porn girl in quite some time.

She’s got big natural tits that she love to get spit on, and boy does she ever in this video at Spit Swappers. She gets it on with a cute lesbian friend and the swap saliva like it’s going out of style. This one will make you cum like a fountain, so watch out.

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Lesbian Spit Play

lesbian spit play porn
Fiona and her nasty girlfriend are a couple of lesbian hotties who love to spit at each other and drench themselves in saliva. These lesbos really get each other wet as can be in this porn video, which is probably one of the nastiest spit play videos I’ve seen.

The level of lesbian debauchery that goes on is off the charts. Fiona gets so drenched in spit, it looks like she took a spit shower or something. You can’t miss this one.

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Girls Drinking Spit

lesbian girls
Two super sexy lesbian girls swapping spit with each other? Yeah, that’s a definite boner maker, to be sure. But have the girls spit into a glass and drink it up with a straw?

That will make you cum so hard, you’ll hit your ceiling with jizz. These two lesbian girlies do just that, and watching it made my dick so hard, I wanted to spew uncontrollably! Don’t miss this video, people.

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Trina Michaels Spit Swapping Porn

trina michaels spit porn video
This busty porn star is one of my favorites, and when I saw that she did a lesbian spit porn video for Spit Swappers, I just about hit the roof with excitement. Trina Michaels is just an amazing piece of lesbian ass, and her succulent pussy gets really wet when she thinks about the spit play that she will be engaging in for this video.

Trina and her girlfriend spit all over each other, and get totally drenched in saliva. Their pussies get wet and eaten as they linger in the spit. Totally awesome!

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Veronica Rayne – Spit Swappers Video

veronica rayne
This woman is a total package lesbian slut who has gone totally out-of-control in recent years. Veronica Rayne has one of the best sets of juicy tits in all of porn, and they get spit drenched in this porn video.

She and her gal-pal spit freely and let the saliva run like a river wild, and it’s one of the most arousing sights I’ve witnessed in a long time. This is the kind of lesbo hotness that one dreams about.

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Pregnant Lesbian Spitting Porn

pregnant lesbian spit porn
Here’s a pregnant lesbian teen girl who’s really into spit fetish and saliva swapping, so she got together with her friend and they shot an amazingly hot porn video for Spit Swappers. Her girlfriend spits all over her yummy swollen tits and gets that entire pregnant body lubed up with saliva.

The girls swap plenty of spit while they play with each other’s wet pussies. This video did a number on me, because my balls were totally swollen and hurting after I finished watching it.

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Lesbian Sluts Drinking Spit

lesbian spit porn sluts
There’s nothing hotter in the whole world than watching hot lesbian sluts drink lots of girl spit. Well, these two sweet lesbo ladies started swapping spit and couldn’t bring themselves to stop. They went to town on each other, spitting freely and getting each other wet and slicked.

Then, they started spitting into a glass and started to drink it freebase! Damn, these lesbian babes love their spit beverages, I guess. Definitely one of the hottest spit porn videos I’ve seen.

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